Frequently Asked Questions

What is kids nerf wars? 

Kids nerf wars are essentially a modern version of Archery crossed with laser tag crossed with paintballing however with soft darts that do not hurt.

What ages can play kids nerf wars?

Kids nerf wars parties caters for almost all ages. Designed for kids of ages 5 and above.

What equipment is included in a nerf party?

Typically the equipment included will be inflatable bunkers, barricades, guns, goggles, ammunition, war paint.

Are there any restrictions when you guys book the venue for us?

If you require us to provide the venue please note that in the majority of cases we cannot provide confirmations more than 30 days in advance due to venue restrictions. 

Please also note that we cannot guarantee your venue will be indoors but still guarantee if you are not 100% happy with the venue options we find we will refund your deposit back to you.

You can provide a venue near me for the event as well?

Yes we can! We are able to provide a venue in your area (within 3 miles) if you would like us too for only £70 extra. In fact it’s the most popular option for most parents as they really can just sit back and relax and let us take care of absolutely everything! To get an idea of what type of venues we have used before in your area visit our venues page and type in your postcode! Bare in mind though this is only a guideline and we have used many more that are not on the site!

How does the additional room hire option work?

For only an extra £70 we will arrange a room to be hired at the same venue we source for the nerf party for after the kids nerf wars activities have finished. In this room there will be enough tables and chairs for all children to sit down. This is often selected by parents who would have arranged some food for the kids, be that either ordering a pizza or pre-made sandwiches etc.

Is there a minimum number of players?

Not really. We don’t impose a strict requirement for a minimum number of players to partake in the game, but it is worth bearing in mind that our per-person cost is based on a fixed overall price, so the more players you have, the cheaper the package!

How many people can I bring to the event?

With our kids parties there is a maximum of 20 players. The length of the event however does have to be taken into consideration. We advise that a 1 hour event is sufficient for groups of up to 20 kids. If the party size is 20+ then we would definitely recommend extending this time to either 90 minutes or 2 hours. Spectators are also very welcome!

My area is not listed as a venue.

The venues we list on our website are simply showcasing the main areas we have hosted events in. We do tend to go to other areas of the UK quite often and if your venue is not listed then please get in touch or book a session anyway! We operate everywhere in the UK, but will contact you if there are any problems. 

Can I bring my own Nerf Gun?

Yes! No problem, you are more than welcome to bring your own gun. We recommend you do make it distinguishable from the rest so it doesn’t get lost and mixed up with ours.

Can parents join in?

Yes parents are more than welcome to join in. Some end up having just as much fun as the kids!

What time shall we get there?

We advise everyone try to get there 15 minutes before the party starts. This makes sure that everyone is set and ready to go for bang on the start time!

Can we use our local venue?

The simple answer is yes! We endeavour to meet the needs of each event that is booked with us, so if that means arranging a date and time with your preferred venue, then we will deliver. The only restrictions are that the pitch type has to be one of the following: Grass (no public parks), Astro Turf (not sand based), Sports Hall Wooden Floor, 3G or 4G Artificial Turf.